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Step 1:  Please complete the Huguenot Little League Adult Registration.  This registers you as a Volunteer with Huguenot Little League and is required to support the tracking of the below required actions.  Huguenot Little League Board of Directors must ensure every Volunteer has completed all requirements by Little League and Chesterfield County.

Step 2:  If a returning Adult Volunteer to Huguenot Little League, then please complete the Little League 2018 Returning Adult Volunteer application.  


If a new Adult Volunteer or did not complete a form in 2017 for Huguenot Little League, please complete the Little League 2018 Adult Volunteer application.

The completed form must be turn it in to a HLL Board member with a copy of your valid drivers license or government ID. 

Step 3:  Managers, Coaches and Board Members must be in possession of a valid Chesterfield County coaches card.  Click here for further information on the requirement for Chesterfield County.


If you have any questions or need further assistance with any of these requirements contact Chris Stewart at .