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11 & 12 Year Old Softball - Majors

League Ages 11-12


The Majors division continues to develop proper softball fundamentals while incorporating both defensive and offensive skills that come with live pitching. The focus is on player development and having fun in a bit more competitive environment.

Please check the Softball League Age Chart to confirm player's "league age".


Minimum Age Requirement

Your child must turn 11 years of age on or before December 31, 2016 in order to register for the regular Spring season.



The regular spring season starts at the end of March and runs through the end of May. Playoffs may run into the first two weeks of June. Pre-season practices and grapefruit games begin in early March.



Multiple practices are scheduled prior to the season with usually one practice per week during the Regular season. 



This division may interleague and as a result, games are played against teams within District 5. League participation varies from year to year. Each team plays a minimum of 12 regular season games.

Games played during the week generally start at 7:30 PM.

Games played on Saturday are scheduled between 9 AM to 7 PM.

Game length is typically 1½ hours and can go no longer than two hours and consists of 6 innings.

All home games are played at Robious Complex and away games are played at the opponent's field.


HLL provides a shirt, socks, and a visor.

Parents must provide rubber baseball cleats.

Pants are available to purchase at Skills Assessments in February. 

Playing Equipment

Parents must provide ball glove, water bottle, and bat.  Batting helmet with face shield is recommended.


Teams usually consist of 12 players, a volunteer manager, two volunteer coaches and a volunteer team parent.

Volunteer Work/Fund Raising

HLL is an all volunteer organization. We need everyone’s help!  Parents are needed to support HLL through fundraisers.

Click here for more information on HLL volunteer opportunities.

VP – Major SB

Please contact   with any questions about Majors Softball. 




Major Softball - FAQ’S


Q: Do you keep score and are there umpires?

A: Yes. Every manager maintains a scorebook. League standings are kept to determine a regular season winner and to determine playoff games. There is a home plate umpire.


Q: On what size field does this division play?

A: The diamond is 60-foot and the pitching distance is 40 feet.


Q: Can I Manage or coach a team?

A: Yes, if positions are available. Prospective managers must complete an online application. If you would like to serve as a coach, then please note that on your child's spring online registration. All managers and coaches must be approved by the Chesterfield Little League Board of Directors.


Q: Will my child get to play all the time?

A: No, not all the time, but no player sits twice until all have sat once.


Q: Can I have my child play on a team with their friends?

A: Not unless they are drafted on to that team. In this age group, player's skills are evaluated in a skills assessment. Then a draft is held.


Q: Can my child play up?

A: Parents may request that their child play up one division level.  However to play up, a player must attend both the higher and lower division’s assessment and be drafted to the higher division.  If they are not drafted to the higher division, they must accept playing in the lower division.  All player assignments are ultimately determined by the Player Agent and President.


Q: Is my child eligible for an All Star or Tournament team?

A: There are tournament teams at this division level.  Please see our All Stars link for more information.


Q: What are the volunteer requirements?

A: HLL is an all volunteer organization so there are many ways to volunteer. Help is always needed with registration, team parenting, assisting with pictures, opening day and fun day activities.