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Please note that the dates below are subject to change.  This should be considered a living document that will be kept up to date as the season progresses.


December 1 Sat

Early Bird Registration Opens ($20 off per child)

December 10 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
Dec. 31 Tues Early Bird Discount Ends
Jan 14 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
Jan 31 (New Date) Thur Mandatory Manager Meeting 6:30 - 8:30 @ Stonehenge Country Club
Jan 31 Thur Registration Closes
Feb 1 Fri $35 Late Fee & Wait List Begins
Feb 2 Sat Indoor Coaching Clinic
Feb 9 Sat Baseball Skills Assessments 
Feb 11 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
Feb 16 Sat Softball Skills Assessment at JRHS
Feb 17- 22   All Intermediate and below Baseball and Major and below Softball Draft
Feb 15-18 Fri-Mon 4 Day Holiday Weeeknd CCPS
Feb 23-24 Sun Notify Teams
March 2 Sat Complex workday- Feild opening - Volunteers Needed!!!!
Mar 4th Monday Possible Early Bird Practice times (Weather dependent)
March 9 Sat Practice 1
March 10 Sun Dinner at HLL
Mar 11 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
March 11-15 Mon-Fri Practice 2
March 15 Fri Opening NIght Games & Ceremonies (starts at 5:30pm)** Divisions that play Fri night can make up here for March 29th
March 16 Sat Game 1 (Tee Ball Game 1)
March 18-22 Mon - Fri Game 2
March 23 Sat Game 3 (Tee Ball Game 2)
March 25-29 Mon Fri Game 4
March 30 -April 7 Sat - Sun SPRING BREAK
April 8 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
April 8-12 Mon -Fri Game 5
April 13 Sat Game 6 (Tee Ball Game 3)
April 15-19 Mon- Fri Game 7 (Schools closed Friday 4/19)**
April TBD   Hit-A-Thon
April 20 Sat Game 8 (Tee Ball Game 4)
April 20 Sat Picture Day (Rain out makeup either May 11th or May 18th)
April 22-26 Mon -Fri Game 9
April 27 Sat Game 10 (Tee Ball Game 5)
April 29-May 3 Mon - Fri Game 11

May 4

May 5(New Date)



Game 12 (Tee Ball Game 6)

HLL day at the Diamond. Squirrels game at 1:05 PM

May 6-10 Mon-Fri Game 13

May 11 (New Date)


Family Night Starting at 4pm

Game 14 (Tee Ball Game 7)

May 13 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
May 13-17 Mon-Fri Game 15
May 18 Sat Game 16 (Tee Ball Game 8)
May 20 - 24 Mon - Fri Make Up Games/ Practices/Play Offs Can Begin If needed
May 25 - 27 Sat - Mon  
May 28 - June 1 Tues - Fri Play Offs for all Divisions (Machine Picth will start after other D5 Divisions)
June 1 Sat (Tee Ball Game 9)
June 1 Sat D5 All Stars can be announced at Championship Games if all criteria met
June 2 Sun D5 All Star Team Meetings & Paperwork Signing
June 3 Mon D5 All Star Practices begin (priority at complex goes to divisions finishing playoffs if rain pushed back & MP)
June 8 Sat (Tee Ball Game 10)
June 10 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
June 14 Fri Last Day of School CCPS
June 15 Sat (Possible Tee Ball Make Up but many people leave town)
June 21 Fri D5 Minors SB Games Probably Begin
June 26 Wed D5 Seniors SB Games Probably Begin
June 29 Sat D5 Majors SB Games Probably Begin
July 8 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
Aug 12 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
Sept 9 Mon Board Meeting 6:30pm
Sept 19 Thur General Membership meeting at 7:30 PM